"The More You Groove…The Deeper You Sink"

(Planet Squared 2003)Qwiksand - The More You Groove…The Deeper You Sink

Qwiksand's debut release, "The More You Groove…The Deeper You Sink," is a groove and funk driven album. With the ska of Sublime and the groove and funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Qwiksand have created something that is a welcome change from what you hear on your local modern rock station and will get you moving along.

But don't let the opening track, "Friend," with its hard rock edge, make you think Qwiksand are a metal band - anything but. The hard rock stays only for the first track before twisting into the Sublime-esque "Lemonade Of My Soul." The bass strong and groove driven songs, such as "No One Knows" and "Mr. Coolman," have hints of the Chili Peppers but with more laid back vocals that aren't overpowering. "R U Ready," meanwhile, lets the guitar take spotlight during a solo. The band picks up the pace with "Get Off My Line" and the more aggressive "Only Human" where singer Marlon Hawkins assures us that "the bond between us is deeper than that." Qwiksand explore a more experimental side with "Move," a track that sounds different (with interspersed sound bites and more rock sound music) and ends abruptly.

Part of Qwiksand's charm is their lack of traditional blending of the instruments. You can hear the bass just as well as you can hear the guitar and just as well as you can hear the drums. Each instrument is holding its own, without creating filler. The only major downside may be the length of the album. At twenty-six minutes, Qwiksand keep it short and sweet.