(Dim Mak Records 2005)Rakes - Retreat

With a rough clamor and crash, The Rakes come barreling headfirst and at full speed out of the box with their EP "Retreat." The Rakes are a ball of energy as they pound on their guitars and scream in their microphones, their British accents clearly intact as their sneer and slur words ending in the letter "A," for a refreshingly aggressive and engaging rock 'n' roll attack.

The Rakes have the air of Franz Ferdinand as their catchy and gritty guitar rock thumps quickly on "Retreat" and thrashes on "Strasbourg" as vocalist Alan Donohue sings of spies and counts off in screaming German. Quick and to the point, "22 Grand Job" grabs your attention with its rapid riffs and a chorus that declares the song's title over and over. The band howls wildly as bass pounds on "Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge." Digital beats pump and pulse on the slightly slowed "Retreat (Phones Remix)" but offers little alteration from the original for a throwaway final track.

With their rough but fun sound that abandons the overproduced norm, The Rakes fit snugly in with current radio favorites like Franz Ferdinand and Interpol. As The Rakes hide their memorable melodies under their Buzzcocks-like clamor, the songs come across driven by the strong vocals. The Rakes might seem to be wild and slightly out of control, but "Retreat" is executed well and with purpose. Putting it all out on the table and displaying it proudly, this is a band that does not have anything to hide.


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