Rambler 454
"No Name Café"

(ReadyFireAim Records 2004)Rambler 454 - No Name Café

Pride can be a thing of great arrogance, but while Rambler 454 may wear their pride openly, it is also adorned with modesty. You cannot begrudge Rambler 454 their pride as they perform their brand of country rock. "No Name Café" is gentle pop with a special kick.

With just the right amount of smooth melodies, Rambler 454 might be best represented by mid tempo tunes, like the upbeat "I Hope You're Lonely" and the hook laden "Lopside." An ode to their working class band, "Working Band" leans towards country while "Shakedown" shows partiality to rock with a toe tapping rhythm. But it is songs like the carefully constructed "(Almost) Everything I Need," complemented by light piano, and "In Between," a quiet banjo led tune, that show Rambler 454's range. Not all gentle, "Welcome" has bite as it blasts with an edge and an attitude.

Full of heart, Rambler 454 are more than just a bar band. They deliver their music with spirit and ability. And if you do not believe that, listen to the unlisted, last track where Rambler 454 play live in a bar -- amidst the sounds of people talking and playing pool, the band might as well be that television in the bar with the sound off. Talk about humbling.


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