Rambler 454
"Talk Down The Sky"

(ReadyFireAim Records 2002)Rambler 454 - Talk Down The Sky

Remember when Donny and Marie swore they were "a little bit country" and "a little bit rock "'n' roll?" You knew immediately those were empty lyrics they did not mean. Rambler 454 is a different story. A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, Rambler 454's "Talk Down The Sky" is a memorable collection of seven songs that show several sides of the band -- one song is up beat, honky tonk while another is a ballad of loneliness you can tap your foot to.

The familiar sounding yet attention getting "Thank You" is a mid tempo toe tap-er that serves as a good opening track. "Strawberry blonde double pony tail/Smiles as she bites her nails/Green eyes that harbor deep shine/One word from her lips and you'll find/She could talk down the sky," sings Rambler guitarist and vocalist Dan McCoy endearingly on the album's title track that sounds, perhaps, like the Goo Goo Dolls if they toned it down some and tried not to "rock." More upbeat, "Standin'" has a nice guitar part hovering in the middle ground while the honky tonk of "Plan B" has a carefree feel and sound to it. Slower and with a rhythmic back bone, "Second Hand Man" finds McCoy miserable: "So many times you've opened your heart/But the understudy role, yeah, I guess that's my part/You just keep me hangin' around when your man steps out of town." "See You Later" is more of a mid tempo yet rollicking sing along (Presumably a drunken one if you are seeing the band at a bar). Going out calmly, "Time To Ramble" is quiet closing song that concludes "Talk Down The Sky": "So I thank you for your adulation and all your congratulations/But I feel there's something more, something I ain't got to yet/And I thank you for your patience, yes, I thank you once again/But it's time I got moving, get rambling on again."

Rambler 454 calls up familiar sounds but do not over do it. Instead, you can slip easily into their music as soon as the CD starts spinning. Full of some rather good lyrics and strong instrumentation, "Talk Down The Sky" is well rounded to say the least. Thoughtful and still fun, Rambler 454's debut CD is well done and shows more than a little promise for the band while remaining relatively short and leaving you wanting more.


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