(UMVD Labels 2006)Razorlight - Razorlight

United Kingdom-based quartet Razorlight knows the secrets of musical success. Their self-titled sophomore album keeps the melodies light and fueled by rhythms you will not be able to ignore. But even equipped with those tricks, a band can only get so far and Razorlight seem to drop the ball somewhere along the way by underwhelming listeners.

Soft pop mingles with guitar rock for the rhythmic dance of "In The Morning" and the pounding "Hold On." The light and poppy "America" rings true and is a great definitive example of Razorlight's music and what lies in their soul. In stark contrast is the piano plinking "Who Needs Love" that sails quietly by. Upbeat, "Before I Fall To Pieces" bounces happily along to the bright melody while similarly, "Back To The Start" rushes by with quick starts and stops. On "Kirby's House," Razorlight go a little too light with their retro pop blend of smooth vocals and even smoother guitar but for "Los Angeles Waltz" the band manage to hold it together for a strong and memorable pop gem. Razorlight bring it all together for "Pop Song 2006," which is not as simple as its name might suggest.

When you strip away the pleasantly pop exterior from Razorlight's songs, one has to wonder if there is much more there. The melodies, all a little too vaguely familiar, are not enough to help the repetitive sound that Razorlight make their songs. On their self-titled album, Razorlight neither command listeners nor come out rocking. Instead they tread the pop line without breaking a sweat.


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