Ready Fire Aim
"This Changes Nothing"

(Expansion Team Records 2008)Ready Fire Aim - This Changes Nothing

The debut release of vocalist Sage Radar and DJ/producer Shaun Morris, aka Stakka, under the guise of Ready Fire Aim offers a distinct feeling of deja vu. "This Changes Nothing" sounds like it has stepped freshly out of a time machine or a DeLorean racing at 88 miles per hour from the late 1980s and early '90s. Bringing to mind the pop sound of the era's electronic standards, such as Depeche Mode, and then chopped up with the occasional edgy tone of Nine Inch Nails, Ready Fire Aim can be a sweet pill but it has a few secrets.

With Radar's soft-spoken vocals taking the main focus throughout each of the album's twelve tracks, Ready Aim Fire always manage to keep the music somewhat shadowy, dark and moody. The band rarely strays from their relative minimalism dominated by strong but not overwhelming pulses and thumps. Radar leans toward seductive on the relatively bright and full electro pop of "Wannabe Your" while on "Laff It Up" he offers more of a husky and hushed voice that, combined with the quick tempo and catchy melody, slowly sucks you in. But all the momentum the band has built up comes to a screeching halt for "I Would For You" meanders while the band updates, at least somewhat, their sound for the dreamy and wistful "As If It Were That Easy."

Ready Fire Aim's "This Changes Nothing" could not be more aptly titled. The duo does just what they do on the album and make no apologies. But Ready Fire Aim is reserved with their instrumentation and their electronics, in particular, and fail to push any boundaries. Many of the tracks need only the accompaniment of a music video with silhouetted dancers to complete the flashback. In the end, they are really making a potentially difficult decision easy when you have to pick between listening to "This Changes Nothing" and one of the album's muses from the '80s.


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