Ready In 10
"Live EP"

(Self-Released 2005)

In spite of its title, Ready In 10's "Live EP" is not a live recording. The Long Island, New Yorkers four track EP is instead a sampler of sorts to preview their gentle alternative rock sound.

Light power rock is the driving force on "I Wish I Could" as electric guitar solos pop up here and there for some added feeling. Melodies fall into the groove on the smooth "Fool" as Ready In 10 lighten up and relax, letting it all hang out. With bass thumping gently in the background of the bittersweet ballad "Now I'll Lay," Ready In 10 keep things full as instrumentation, such as slide guitar, powers the song and keeps it from dragging too much. Darker rhythms pound, building up on "Burn" as Ready In 10 take a rougher and less safe path.

Complete with the requisite gruff vocals, Ready In 10 try to be gritty and rough without breaking a sweat. The band's "Live EP" is an attempt to be alternative with a hint of blues without abandoning power pop ballads. Ready In 10 only show one side of themselves on "Live EP," making it clear they know how to do a ballad. But it is the lively part of the "Live EP" that could have added some extra interest and excitement.