"In the Bridge"

(Self-Released 2003)Recore - In the Bridge

On their first full length album, "In the Bridge," Recore need to come out strong, sure of themselves and play their songs. And that is exactly what this Rhode Island based alternative rock band tries to do. And while they might make some wrong turns on the way, they know their goal and their attempt to get there is earnest.

Full with gentle hints of grunge rock influences, "Sorry Now" introduces Recore. Putting a bounce into their step, "Stuck in a Change" is quicker, likable and slightly poppy with singer and guitarist Jake Sosnowski's vocals driving the action. Straight forward rock, rough and ready, "Cure Dependence" leads into the quick, short rhythm from drummer Roy DiNola on the slower "Escape." Recore use fuller instrumentation well on the up tempo "This Time" before the quick and engaging "Soldier."

Put on the spot, Sosnowski's vocals are necessarily stronger on the slower "It's Okay" as the instrumentation takes a bit of a back seat. A full, poppy, chorus catches your ear on "Comatose" as heavy bass leads the verses on "Away" before picking up speed for the chorus. Recore use a full, darker but still melodic, sound for "Hard to Kill." "Rosie's Song" is a gentle and thoughtful acoustic love song that shows focus.

Not the best mix, Recore's "In the Bridge" demonstrates promise but lacks experience. The band's rough around the edges sound adds character and never do they come across as completely amateur. Recore are taking it seriously and with tracks like "This Time" and "Rosie's Song," it shows.