Remedy Session
"The Remedy Session"

(Recovery Records 2002)Remedy Session - The Remedy Session

You can expect to find to find certain things on a good debut album -- a general well developed sound, good lyrics, some catchy moments, and a few songs that do not quite do anything for the album. And Fort Lauderdale's The Remedy Session's self-titled debut is no exception to that rule.

With a cool melodic thrashy opening on "The Final Failure," The Remedy Session's first track grabs your attention. Vocals on "April 25th" sound slightly different, in a familiar way, and, as with all the songs (minus the instrumental "Instrument") the addition of background vocals by the band's bassist, Lori Marsh, adds a certain warmth. The band get a bit slower for "Rescue," a standout with its nice harmonies, and "Starting Over," which picks up for the chorus with grinding riffs. "Amateur scientist finding evidence/against you realize the cover up won't/succeed and you can't erase/the truth in here/never go alone to that space," guitarist and lead singer Chris Polito sings on the mid tempo "Shotgun." "Recovery" introduces a sound a little different than the other songs on the album, picking up momentum on the chorus with a slow and melodic guitar riff. The instrumental "Instrument" is another album standout with a style that reminds of a toned down My Vitriol. With a slightly heavier sound on closer "Over-Rated," as Polito sings "I will visit here alone/helps me breathe/and I'll never sleep again/it's over-rated" before a well executed bridge of heavy riffs with a sliding note on the end.

Although there are some tracks that seem to blend together with a similar sound, most of the tracks stand out on their own. The self-titled debut certainly leaves its mark; while none of the songs might initially strike as being catchy, you find yourself surprised when a riff or vocal line pops randomly into your head. The Remedy Session's album is one every indie kid will be familiar with, if not already, then soon.