Resurrection Sorrow
"Hour of the Wolf"

(Midnight Dreams Productions 2009)Resurrection Sorrow - Hour of the Wolf

You can't begrudge a band their influences. Everyone has to catch the musical spark from somewhere, and it's unfair to make fun of wherever that exposure happened to come from. What is absolutely fair to make fun of, though, is when an act sounds like a reheated three-day-old leftover version of their inspiration. And to put it bluntly, "Hour of the Wolf" sounds like Corrosion of Conformity. With Godsmack vocals.

That's right, vocalist Alex Dementia takes the same approach to vox as the guy who sang "Keep Away." And to be fair, you can't exactly blame the guy; we all know the main reason metal doesn't enjoy widespread popularity is because of the yelling/growling/shrieking/belching vocals that most people just can't latch onto. It's just that his style is plain unappealing. Dementia's voice has a boozier, more gravel-throated quality, but his delivery is right in line with What's-His-Name from Godsmack. That yarling warble sounds the same no matter how rough the practitioner tries to make it.

If you're wondering why so much space is being devoted to Mr. Dementia's vocals, it's because the music he's singing over isn't very interesting. The Resurrection Sorrow do their best CoC takeoff, slogging through sleazy Southern-soaked sludge riffs that are perfectly competent but completely unmemorable. They try to mix it up by shifting speeds, but every time the band gets over a mid-paced chug the wheels begin to fall off. They're at their best keeping it low n' slow, best exemplified on "Plague of the Dying Sun," which is good enough to tic the grade of the entire album up a bit. There are a few other surprises, as "Undermyskin" sounds like it could have some off of an early Danzig album, but for the most part "Hour of the Wolf" is lukewarm mush. The Resurrection Sorrow make for an absolutely killer cover band. As far as anyone drawing influence from this album, though...not so much.


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