(Elephant Stone Records 2005)Reverb - Swirl

Being just a few years too late finding out about a certain band can be thoroughly disappointing. For many bands that never make it big, recordings may be few or far between. That, however, will not be a problem for fans of 90s Britpop band Reverb. Elephant Stone Records has compiled the band's entire discography -- everything the band recorded in their four years, from singles to tracks that appeared on compilations -- into the twenty-three track "Swirl."

Steeped in a 60s psychedelic sound, "Pedal" floats by, powered by a hazy instrumental sound as the album's title track shows a more aggressive side of Reverb. Guitar melodies lead on the gentle "Colourblind," guitarist and singer Ant Walker's vocals wavering ever so slightly. Energetic rhythms make the melodies of songs such as "Mr Soundman" and "Fragile" pop from the background, adding texture to the collection. Buzzing distortion muddies Reverb's sound for something different on tracks like "Velocity Fall" and "Mesmorized." Elsewhere, the poppy and melodic "Shopping" makes two appearances, the first recorded in late 1995 and the second in early 1996.

Having every track a band has recorded on one CD is a nice idea but, in Reverb's case, also one that lets you visualize how little the band recorded in their time together. Reverb's light pop psych sound is dominated by swirling guitar melodies and incessant drums. While Reverb used a lot of repetition in their sound, specifically the melodies, the band had more than one memorable song. "Swirl" is the perfect collection for fans both old and new.


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