Revolution Mother
"Enjoy the Ride"

(Mike V Incorporated 2006)Revolution Mother - Enjoy the Ride

Fronted by professional skateboarder Mike Vallely and backed by three experienced punk musicians, it should come as no surprise that Revolution Mother are a riff-heavy band playing hard rock. If Henry Rolls had done vocals for Fu Manchu during Brant Bjork's tenure with the band, it might have resulted as something similar to Revolution Mother's debut release, a five track EP entitled "Enjoy The Ride." While Vallely might be a skater, he brings an earnestness to Revolution Mother that is do or die.

Memorable slow driving bass and guitar riffs dominate "Goodbye" while Vallely screams overtop the unhurried jam. Hard hitting instrumentation grinds on "Bullet" as the band show off their hardcore influences before the song takes an unexpected turn with a spacey minimalist end. Revolution Mother are aggressive and loud on the short lived "Second Thoughts," whose riffs rebound like tight springs, and the stamping, pounding beat of "Gravity." For "Never Die" the band sneaks up on you with slow driving instrumentation that fills out to a full rock sound.

Revolution Mother might be living the lifestyle and playing the music, but they have an uphill climb ahead of them. "Enjoy The Ride" is exactly what you might expect from California skateboarders and punks. But while Revolution Mother certainly show they are taking this seriously and make "Enjoy The Ride" a fun head banging journey, at the end of the day, loyalties lie with the established bands who have already made this genre into an art form.


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