Revolution Mother
"Glory Bound"

(Cement Shoes Records 2007)Revolution Mother - Glory Bound

Hard, heavy and fast, a real rock band should not have to bang you repeatedly over the head with the obvious. Luckily that is not a problem for Revolution Mother. Led by professional skateboarder Mike Vallely, the Warped Tour alums are much more laid back with their delivery and their tunes. Whether for skating or simply rocking out, the band's "Glory Bound" is as much hardcore as it is pure punk rock.

With an earsplitting assault, tracks like "Come On" and "Above The Crawl" offer memorable charging riffs that get the job done by sinking into your brain and grabbing hold. Stoner rock slower jams come through on "The Accuser," where patience is rewarded as the intensity builds to a tight riff, and "Who I Am," on which vocals are doubled, both whispered and sneered, over a relatively quiet melody. "There's one for me and one for you," Vallely offers on the buzzing and gritty "Bullet," showing some range in his vocals by doing more than just screaming. Revolution Mother even offers a bouncy track in "Hole In The Sky," the song punctuated by a punk rock style chant of "hey."

Picking up where the band's "Enjoy the Ride" EP left off, "Glory Bound" presents a more structured Revolution Mother. The band keeps things fresh with change ups between slow burn outs and quick, crunching riffs. "Glory Bound" hints at the range and variation that Revolution Mother has the potential for. Now it is just a matter of making it happen and "Glory Bound" serves well to tide fans over.


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