Richard Hell
"Blank Generation"

(MVD Visual 2010)Richard Hell - Blank Generation

Meet Billy. He's a young, up and coming New York musician who is remarkably indecisive and vaguely depressed. Billy's in love with Nada, a French journalist who is more than just a little crazy. Billy and his band perform at CBGB's and their likeness to Richard Hell and the Voidoids is more than just coincidental; Billy is fictional. "Blank Generation" is a seventy-eight minute long film about Billy and Nada (Carole Bouquet) by German filmmaker Uli Lommel, who also appears in the film towards the end as Nada's soon-to-be on-again lover who's in search of an interview with Andy Warhol.

Released in 1978, "Blank Generation" has no clearly defined plot. While other films from this era often look to show off the alternative scenes (in this case punk and new wave), exploitation seems to be the least of the film's goals. And although Warhol does make a brief cameo, there are no delusions of grandeur or ridiculous pretension. Instead, the film

While the storyline and the acting aren't exactly top notch - as Hell himself admits, at least in terms of his own acting ability, during the DVD's bonus forty minute interview (which is recent, too, not from the ‘70s) - the musical performances by Hell and the Voidoids aren't showstoppers either. Sure, they're OK but there's nothing must see about them.

If you're a die-hard Richard Hell fan and you haven't seen "Blank Generation," it's probably worth a peek (although I do stress the "die-hard" part). For the rest of us, stick to "Blank Generation" the song - not the film.


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