Riverboat Gamblers
"To The Confusion Of Our Enemies"

(Volcom Entertainment 2006)Riverboat Gamblers - To The Confusion Of Our Enemies

It would difficult for even the most ardent supporters of rock to ignore the fact that rock 'n' roll is no longer as popular of a music genre as it has been for the past several decades. As hip hop and pop move in to take over the territory, some rock bands are not giving up without a fight. It is a thought to keep in mind while listening to Riverboat Gamblers' "To The Confusion Of Our Enemies." Every song on the Texas rockers' album is full of a boundless energy and enthusiasm that you simply can not ignore.

Echoing the song title throughout the chorus, "Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead Yet" soars over a subtle melody and full instrumentation while the addition of saxophones accentuate the melody of the bouncy "Year of the Rooster" and help it to stand out. Elsewhere, the band bares their teeth, driving the instrumentation quickly over gritty guitar riffs on "Biz Loves Sluts" and "The Song We Used to Call '˜Wasting Time.'" Modern punk shows through as the album hits a turning point and the Riverboat Gamblers bring on the chanting and cheering, pumping their fists in the air on tracks like "On Again Off Again" and "The Art of Getting F#@%ed."

The Riverboat Gamblers kick things into high gear and if you are not on board for the ride, you will be dragged along. Contrary to the title, there is little bewildering about "To The Confusion Of Our Enemies." In fact, the album delivers in a somewhat expected punk meets rock and garage sound where drums pound endlessly and vocals are shouted over electric guitar riffs. The Riverboat Gamblers' "To The Confusion Of Our Enemies" keeps rock from floundering away.


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