Robbers On High Street
"Grand Animals"

(New Line Records 2007)Robbers On High Street - Grand Animals

In late 2006, Robbers On High Street began previewing their sophomore full-length release with an EP. On that preview EP, "The Fatalist And Friends," the band revealed a different side of themselves that had a toned down, more mature pop sound than that which their debut "Tree City" offered. Where their debut was energetic and unabashedly a poppy sing along type of album, the new release "Grand Animals" is thoughtful, careful and delicately constructed.

There are few songs on "Grand Animals" that can truly be called catchy and single-worthy, but it is easy to be carried away by bouncy tracks like "The Fatalist." Elsewhere on the album, the band focuses on creating light music that builds smoothly up around the vocals. The band constructs "Across Your Knee" for a likable pop result while guitar echoes behind a quick step rhythm on "Your Phantom Walks The Hall." "Nasty Numbers" offers a soul infused sound that remains soft while the dramatic carnival romp "Guard At Your Heel" shows a slightly darker side of Robbers On High Street.

It is almost a magic trick that Robbers On High Street manage to pull off. Despite avoiding a lush and broad instrumental sound on "Grand Animals," the album never sounds like it is missing something. Instead, the relatively modest sound complements each song and makes it effortless to step into Robbers On High Street's music and enjoy "Grand Animals." The gentle sounds that dominate "Grand Animals" are ready to seduce you with their subtle pop undertones.


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