Robbers On High Street
"The Fatalist And Friends"

(Scratchie/New Line Records 2006)Robbers On High Street - The Fatalist And Friends

On "Tree City," their debut full-length album, Robbers On High Street were ready to set your hips swinging and your feet tapping with their energetic pop music. Now as they prepare for the release of the sophomore album, Robbers On High Street are giving you just a little taste of what to expect. "The Fatalist And Friends" is an EP comprised of four tracks -- two from the band's upcoming album and two previously unreleased -- which show a side of the band that "Tree City" only hinted at.

The Robbers On High Street get things started on the EP with the two new tracks "The Fatalist" and "Married Young." Both are light and refreshing with a definite bounce in their step. Thumping bass holds down "The Fatalist" while quick guitar riffs keep "Married Young" exciting. The second half of the EP keeps the music in a similar vein. "Major Minor" is a lower, heavier tune while still showcasing the band's style. The Robbers On High Street pull the EP together well by closing with a fun cover of Paul & Linda McCartney's piano pounding "Monkberry Moon Delight."

While it is not quite a whole new Robbers On High Street, the band show themselves off in a different light. "The Fatalist And Friends" is a smart reminder that the Robbers On High Street are still around and making music. It is also an enticing teaser that will leave listeners wanting to hear more.


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