Robbers On High Street
"Tree City"

(New Line Records 2004)Robbers On High Street - Tree City

Riding the recent success of bands like Maroon 5 and Franz Ferdinand, it only makes sense for the entrance of Robbers On High Street with their debut full-length release, "Tree City." Timely and unabashedly pop, Robbers On High Street are young and hip New Yorkers that tickle the ivories and make their guitars sing with fun, fluid and familiar melodies. Blended to get your heart racing, your feet dancing and your lips singing along, "Tree City" is presented in a variety of neat packages finely and cautiously tuned and produced.

With high energy and polished instrumentation, tracks like "Amanda Green" and "Japanese Girls" lean towards alternative while "Spanish Teeth" and "Beneath the Trees" are bright and bouncy. Robbers get in a low groove for "Dig the Lightning" and the lurking and relatively darker sounding "Descender." Traditional pop rock abounds on piano pounding tracks like "Bring on the Terror" and the guitar crunching, Beatles influenced "Hudson Tubes." "The Price & Style" creeps and slinks softly, a light ballad dominated by smooth vocal harmonies while "Big Winter" sways gently with a 50s ballad style, complete with a slick instrumental solo. Robbers On High Street even try on the current indie pop craze with "Love Underground" as guitar riffs race and pounding drums send your hips swinging.

Robbers On High Street have nothing but clean cut fun on "Tree City," although it is unlikely to appeal to all tastes as the band's power pop might give some a toothache. And while you frequently get the feeling they are trying just a bit too hard, one thing is for sure. Robbers On High Street have their radio ready sound set.


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