Robert Cherry
"Songs from The New Forever"

(Requisite Recordings 2004)Robert Cherry - Songs from The New Forever

Robert Cherry, whether intentionally or not, draws an invisible line with "Songs from The New Forever." On one side, Cherry; on the other side, his now defunct band, Ether Net. While an idea of what could have been, "Songs from The New Forever" previews Cherry's upcoming solo album, promising layers of subtly blended instrumentation that float around, enveloping you with warm, smooth sounds.

Gently endearing, "New Forever" has an inconspicuous power that is not completely unfamiliar as Cherry declares "Turn the TV off/The blinds, the lines, the guns are drawn/News of war isn't any news at all." Adding texture, "Flowers" swells heartbreakingly and flows smartly and pulls you in as does the string led symphony "Green & Silver" which adds a dynamic, solid point to the EP. "Wake Up" is full of rhythm and finely vivid sounds, pulsing lightly. With a tender sweetness and classic tone, "Not Hanging On" builds up with melody, shimmering with delicately twanging guitar.

"Songs from The New Forever" comes across casually, but evokes more serious feelings. Cherry does not need to beg your attention with ploys or gimmicks. Without having one specific show stopper, "Songs from The New Forever" flows continuously, almost as a single thought with some punctuation, and never misses expectations.