Robert Cherry
"The New Forever"

(Requisite Recordings 2005)Robert Cherry - The New Forever

Having already previewed half of the ten tracks from Robert Cherry's debut solo album on his "Songs from The New Forever" EP, his direction is no big surprise. Finally ready to strike out on his on his own and release a full length solo record, Cherry does not disappoint. The consummate professional, Cherry's songs are carefully crafted on "The New Forever" with a fluidity that draws you into the soft vocals and the gentle melodies.

With a full sound, guitar cutting through the instrumental atmosphere, Cherry delivers one of the album's few driving rock tracks with "Perfect Soul." Gentle guitar and piano add a rich, smooth sound to the choppy rhythm of "All The Stars." "Time To Stop" bounces and skips lightly in a relatively more upbeat moment. Pushing his vocals to the forefront, "The Motorcycle Boy" and "This Distance" take more minimal approaches and result in a more serious tone. Additionally, the inclusion of tracks from the sampler EP only strengthens the album. From the bittersweet ballad "Flowers" to the airy symphony of "Green And Silver," Cherry pulls you back with already familiar tracks.

Having already proved he would have no problem going solo, Cherry merely follows through with the release of his solo album. By smartly placing the focus of each track on the track itself, and not the vocals or a solo or some other minor part, "The New Forever" delivers as a solid and full bodied album.


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