Rob Zombie
"Zombie Live"

(Geffen Records 2007)Rob Zombie - Zombie Live

Rob Zombie fans living in remote areas of the world far removed from any of the big cities that major recording artists grace with their presence can rejoice. The director, writer, and musician has finally recorded a taste of his hellacious stage performances in the form of his first ever live album. "Zombie Live" covers Rob's entire career, from his time fronting White Zombie through his latest release, "Educated Horses." That's a lot of road to cover, and all of the familiar stops are visited with versions of all of Zombie's most well known songs including "More Human than Human," "Living Dead Girl," "Thunder Kiss '65," and "Dragula." We also get some kick-ass little detours though, with lesser known songs like "Black Sunshine" and the title tracks to both of Zombie's film soundtracks. There is enough variety to please both die hard Zombie fans and casual listeners.

The album sounds great with Zombie and crew in top form, although the production sounds maybe a little too clean and less raw than a live album should. Slickness aside, the guitars and drums are tight and powerful, and Rob is energetic, enthusiastic, and sufficiently evil sounding. But no matter how good it sounds, "Zombie Live" can't really give fans a complete Rob Zombie experience. While you could say that about any live album, it's especially true for an artist who puts a great deal into the visual aspect of his work. Aside from the stripped-down, "T-shirt and jeans" Ozzfest, Zombie has put on some fairly elaborate shows, and a CD doesn't do justice to the very talented showman.

A solid overall album, "Zombie Live" is probably best suited to those who don't own Rob's entire collection, as it works better as a best-of rather than a live album. Rabid Zombie fans are better off sticking it out until a live DVD comes along, the better to fully appreciate the experience of seeing him in concert.


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