Rock Kills Kid
"Are You Nervous?"

(Reprise Records 2006)Rock Kills Kid - Are You Nervous?

It seems to be a question weighing heavy on the shoulders of many of today's rock bands: retro-inspired electro pop or more modern indie rock. Like many, Rock Kills Kid has decided to combine the two sounds for something a little bit new and a little bit different. The five-piece seem unashamed of their influences and their choices on their debut album, "Are You Nervous?"

Rock Kills Kid is here to party and have a good time. The vocal hook of "Paralyzed" pulls you into the thumping rhythm and racing electronics while they seemingly revamp 70s and 80s club music for the bass-heavy verses and upbeat chorus of "Midnight." Similarly, the band focus on the electronic instrumentation for the well thought out dance tune "Life's A Bitch." Vocalist and guitar player Jeff Tucker sings over verses that remind of "Rapper's Delight" on "I Need You." Power pop soars easily on "Hide Away" and the album's title track as Rock Kills Kid expose a softer side before "Back To Life" takes it down yet another notch. Rock Kills Kid gain momentum as the album progresses and by the end, things are really rolling.

From the first notes of "Are You Nervous?," Rock Kills Kid are likable and confident. But "Are You Nervous?" takes few, if any, chances as it sticks close to the sounds of similar indie rock bands making the rounds currently. Add to that the fact that the band's choice of dipping their collective toes into the retro pop style pool might be a bit too much for some fans.


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