Rock N Roll Soldiers
"The Two EPs"

(Atlantic Records 2005)Rock N Roll Soldiers - The Two EPs

Oregon rock band the Rock N Roll Soldiers are ready to hype themselves up. The band's aptly titled "The Two EPs" unites "The Weak Blame The Strong" and "The High School Sessions" EPs to give listeners a good idea of who these musical warriors are and the weapons they wield. Still a young rock band, the Rock N Roll Soldiers keep it simple and direct as they rock out.

Gritty guitar verses coming speeding at you as the Rock N Roll Soldiers offer a proper introduction with "Anthem" while pounding instrumentation leads on the garage rock track "Habits I Have." Catchy and loud tracks like "Funny Little Feeling" and "Barbarian" will surely be stuck on repeat in your brain as they bounce quickly by with reckless abandon. The Rock N Roll Soldiers are genuine with their feel good and upbeat sound on a cover of Arthur Lee's "Everybody's Gotta Live."

Maybe the band should have considered putting "The Weak Blame The Strong EP" second on the record. After the five high energy and memorable tracks, "The High School Sessions EP" is fun but has a different feel. With the harder rocking "Soldiers Fortune" and the guitar riff driven "Can't Break That Glass," the band keep things going and show off a bit of their fun loving attitude. For "Three Goddamns" the band take on a quirky country inspired sound.

The Rock N Roll Soldiers avoid overproduction on their EP collection "The Two EPs." It is that untainted and unpolished sound that will initially catch your ear but it is the band's enthusiasm that will keep you listening. While the Rock N Roll Soldiers are certainly not inventing anything, "The Two EPs" serves as a great learning tool and offers glimpses at what this band could be.


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