Ryan Adams
"June 28, 2007"

Ryan Adams - June 28, 2007

Fillmore at the TLA
Philadelphia, PA, USA

More than an hour before doors opened, fans lined up down the street and around the block to get in to see Ryan Adams' sold-out concert at the recently rechristened Fillmore, formerly the Theater of the Living Arts, on Philadelphia's infamous South Street. With no opening band scheduled to appear, Adams practically had the entire evening to dazzle fans with old favorite and cuts from his newest studio album, "Easy Tiger."

Adopting the Roy Orbison look, Adams kept his sunglasses on throughout the show, despite the consistent low light, and hunched over his guitar from time as he played, adding that his playing is "as crap now as I ever was" but, regardless, he was happy to be playing again. Adams kept the side chatter to a minimum, stopping again only to observe an energetic fan's voice would be ideal for heavy metal, recommending, in particular, Dokken's "Tooth and Nail."

Fans hooted appreciatively at the gently rambling country influenced music that included Adams' newest single "Two." The band offered up tempo jaunts with "Easy Plateau" and "Magnolia Mountain," as they exchanged easy smiles with each other. The bluesy "Bartering Lines" came across with a full and haunting sound as the band paused to harmonize for the evening's first of several a cappella moments.

While dazzle might be pushing it, Adams captivated the crowd and truly sounded excellent as he and The Cardinals, his backing band, were all seated side by side and situated in a semicircle while they ran through a setlist that focused on his more recent songs. But as the show went on, the band's momentum never really took off and songs became gentler. Adams ended on "I See Monsters," the slowest song of the night. And as the houselights unexpectedly went up roughly an hour and a half later, half the crowd cheered for an encore which never came while others booed at the abrupt finish.