Sabrosa Purr
"Music from the Violet Room"

(Dangerbird Records 2005)Sabrosa Purr - Music from the Violet Room

Bass-less trio Sabrosa Purr are simultaneously a spacey atmospheric band floating on guitar melodies that drone ever so lightly to set the mood and a screaming, wailing rock act that take no prisoners with their straight forward and honest approach. The band's debut EP, "Music from the Violet Room," slips and slides back and forth between the two opposites and somehow finds itself in the middle as lead Will Love orchestrates his band. Sabrosa Purr lay it out on the table; they have nothing to hide.

A quick French lesson from a breathy woman leads to the moaning that is sampled on the swirling "Sabrosa Purr, Pt. 1" as the song creeps slowly in the shadows. The rhythms and guitar scratching on " the Water" build to a buzzing cloud of instrumentation and Love's screams. The EP suddenly blows up with "The Lovely People" as the hard hitting rock song leaves just as mysteriously as it arrived. Light, spacey tunes "All the Leaves...," "God Damn You" and "Pink" round out the EP before the stripped down acoustic ballad "Liars, Petty Thieves and Pets" really puts Love's vocals in the spotlight.

Incredibly fluid, the melodies on "Music from the Violet Room" seem to drip out of the instruments as the vocals flow equally as easily from Love. Sabrosa Purr pull you in with their debut EP, demonstrating just what this band is capable of doing in the future. "Music from the Violet Room" leaves you satisfied and wanting to hear more of their music.


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