Saul Kaye
"Doctor's Orders"

(Cool Water Records 2004)Saul Kaye - Doctor\'s Orders

When you release your first album, there are a lot of jitters and anxiety. By the third release, you know what you are doing although you may still be finding your way. If you are not an old pro by the fifth release, you are probably doing something wrong. But by your eighth album it is all about keeping calm and confidently making your music your way. At least, that is how Saul Kaye seems to do it on his eighth release and fourth solo album, "Doctor's Orders." The acoustic singer/songwriter presents a multi-faceted sound that, regardless of style, is dominated by thoughtful lyrics and melodies coated lightly by pop.

Upbeat and bouncy, "Hey Johnny Johnny" leads with rhythm. Soft acoustic songs like "Leave It All Behind" and "'Til You" are carefully crafted moments as "The News" takes on politics. With organ shrilly blasting and slide guitar strumming loosely, you can almost hear spurs jingling on "Desert Blues." Piano powers "Ruby Hill" for an uplifting sound and feeling before the more serious "Boxing With Jim Beam" and "Vincent Knows," where hand claps punctuate the melody. Kaye also deviates somewhat from the norm of "Doctor's Orders" instead offering piano jazz on the album's title track and reggae rhythms on "What He's Got."

Extremely likable, "Doctor's Orders" is an easy diagnosis to endure. Kaye's soft-spoken vocals blend just enough to layer the rhythmic instrumentation that paints just as interesting of a picture as the lyrics.


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