Scenes From A Movie
"The Pulse"

(One Big Spark/East West 2007)Scenes From A Movie - The Pulse

Kids today! It seems that they are always in a rush. Take Scenes From A Movie, for example. Scenes From A Movie burst at the seams with energy and enthusiasm on "The Pulse." So much energy, it seems, that the band cannot even stop for a real ballad.

The band's lack of patience comes through on songs like "The Cover," where the band jump right into their chorus and speed by without reason or a second thought, and "If It's My Game I Can't Lose," where they cut themselves off halfway through the chorus, adding "I don't know where this is going." Elsewhere on "The Pulse," the band keeps the adrenaline rushing with the driving pop hook of "Irukandji" and "Detective, Detective," where quick instrumentation matches the fast paced track. Chugging guitars on "Heartbeat From Hell" offer a vague pop rock take on metal while "If I Die" creeps up on listeners and opens into a soaring and catchy chorus.

For the uneducated listener, one listen to Scenes From A Movie's "The Pulse" could easily be confused for Fall Out Boy, minus the cutesy stuff. Often predictable and by the book, Scenes From A Movie match their high energy with big instrumentation to verbose lyrics. But with all their talk, Scenes From A Movie seem to walk in circles, offering reiterations of the same concept. "The Pulse" is lively and sometimes enticing, but Scenes From A Movie end up finishing exactly where they started.


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