Scratch DJ Academy

(2009)Scratch DJ Academy - Cimio

Few things manage to exist in this world that possess an untouched purity that is as clear as, well, water itself. Other things that come to mind: angels, flowers, babies, and most importantly - music. To find a good song is to find a treasure, a gift that you can share with friends. Multiply that very feeling as many times as you'd like, and the result is the idea behind Cimio's DJ software by Scratch.

Extremely simple in its pilot software, Cimio begins on the basic principle that people love music, and even more than that, they love combining songs. Mixing two songs together causes the phenomenon of a "mash-up," where sounds overlap and the listener can hear pieces of both songs as one blends into the other. What's more, Cimio provides multiple options for where and how long you want the songs to overlap. Using the simplistic "drag and drop" method, the user can basically drag songs from iTunes or any other place where that track is saved on the computer and put them into the Cimio library. Once uploaded (it takes but a moment to do), the door is opened to a plethora of mash-up possibilities.

Scratch has developed a product that gives average, curious people access to the world of DJs that is otherwise unattainable due to lack of time or money to invest in professional DJ software. Granted, the roughly eight to ten options you have to combine songs doesn't always end up in a smash hit combo, but it does give you the disc jockey fever, which is the most exciting part. To hear a Kanye West-Bob Dylan mash-up is to wonder at the program; just a taste of the potential magic of Cimio. Here's to hoping there's a version 2.0!