Secret Machines
"Ten Silver Drops"

(Reprise Records 2006)Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops

Dallas trio The Secret Machines garnered critical acclaim for their 2004 debut album "Now Here Is Nowhere." Now the indie meets psychedelic meets ambient rock band is back to uphold their reputation and perhaps boost their status with a new full-length release. Amidst all of the hype surrounding the follow-up, "Ten Silver Drops" debuted as a digital album online at the end of February, 2006, as the physical album prepped for an April, 2006, release date.

Bouncy and bright, "Lightning Blue Eyes" and "All At Once (It's Not Important)" pounds while flying by you with their wispy instrumentation and quick, upbeat rhythms. Meanwhile, "Daddy's In The Doldrums" plods slowly, driven by lower thumping music that feels both sinister and sexy. Darkly poppy, "I Hate Pretending" rides on a wave of full instrumentation as the melody hops and skips along and sets you swaying while the lilting melody of the memorable "Faded Lines" mixes breathy harmonies in to the equation. Synthesizers churn out a smooth melody that builds gently, emitting a sense of fragility with a certain confidence on "I Want To Know." The Secret Machines pull things together with the interesting "1,000 Seconds" where instrumentation echoes softly, evolving from something light and small into something large and powerful.

The Secret Machines are a new breed of pop music that reserves all of the self-respect of indie and rock. Full instrumentation flows weightlessly throughout "Ten Silver Drops," feeling light and fresh instead of heavy and recycled. "Ten Silver Drops" fuses everything together to create a cohesive sound that blends full instrumentation together with breathy vocals for a smooth but still expressive result that takes chances.


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