Seizure Crypt
"Hello My Name Is...Madness"

(3:16 Productions 2007)Seizure Crypt - Hello My Name Is...Madness

Sometimes you have to wonder what the thought processes are behind decisions bands make. This starts with the selection of a band's name. Now, there isn't exactly a handbook for this kind of thing, but one would hope that the band members apply some general sense of musical nomenclature. For example, the use of words pertaining to death, dismemberment, or anything spooooky are usually reserved for metal bands that fall under the "death metal" subgenre.

Still paying attention, class? Good, now I can stop talking like a douche and get to the point. When some random death metal kid walks into a record store and sees the name Seizure Crypt plastered on the cover of a CD, he might buy it thinking he's getting something along the lines of Obituary, Carcass, or…wait for it…Death! (Buying records based on names isn't really the wisest way to throw one's money around, but who knows how the hell the kids are choosing their music these days).

Now, picture Imaginary Sucker's surprise when he listens to the straightforward hardcore that "Hello My Name is…Madness" serves up. Packing eight tracks into a trim twenty-four minutes, the album is mostly filled with the same sort of bruising guitar riffs, barking vocals, and lean production that mark just about every other hardcore album being made. The odd twinge of thrash sounds as if the band is trying to push beyond the confines of hardcore, but falling just shy. In fact, the best parts of the album are those that show the range Seizure Crypt is desperately trying to display. The tastiest bits are not surprisingly those that fall outside of the rigid standards of hardcore, like the somewhat sloppy but genuinely cool solo in "Inhuman Nature" or the melodic ending of closer "Eulogy," the album's strongest track.

One last question: do you like the hardcore vocal stylings that a good friend once referred to as the sound of "a dying chicken?" I sure hope so, because Seizure Crypt has not one, but two vocalists belting that clipped, goofy singing that a lot of people find downright insufferable. If you aren't into that kind of thing, "Hello my name is…Madness" will be fairly impenetrable. If you like (or can look past) the vocals, you'll find a spirited, if basic, album that at the very least won't waste more than a half hour of your time. It will be interesting to see if Seizure Crypt can expand their sound in future releases, something that "Hello My Name is…Madness" attempts, but never achieves.