"The Air Salesmen"

(International Hits 2008)Selmanaires - The Air Salesmen

Get ready for The Selmanaires. With a hip swinging swagger that easily, and effortlessly, rocks both the current indie rock dance trend and the dreamy psychedelic pop sound of the '60s, The Selmanaires are ready for you. On "The Air Salesmen," the Atlanta band grabs the attention and keeps it with their vibrant and lively rhythms. It is like selling an iPod to a deaf person. Or air to…a living thing.

"Just To Get Yr Love" harnesses the '60s garage rock sound (think The Yardbirds' "For Your Love") hitting all the key points while still making them sound fresh instead of clichéd while "Verdigris Intrigue" is super smooth retro pop. But it is the catchy rhythms that the band hammers out on tracks like the attitude-laced "GMAFB" (aka "Give me a fucking break") while the thumping "Broken Mirrors In The Mud" takes a (relatively) more subtle approach. Meanwhile on "Reason and Change (Space Bubbles)" a slow melody spirals blissfully out over mantra-like vocals.

Parts of The Selmanaires' "The Air Salesmen" are like a well loved sweater that comes in and out of style but always has that special something that you love. Tipping their hats to Talking Heads and the British invasion while still hinting at Bloc Party, The Selmanaires are in all the right places at all the right times. With "The Air Salesmen," The Selmanaires get the ball and never drop it as they charge full speed ahead.


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