Serengeti And Polyphonic
"Dont Give Up"

(Audio 8 Recordings 2007)Serengeti And Polyphonic - Dont Give Up

Serengeti & Polyphonic's collaborative effort "Dont Give Up" is certainly a mixed bag of audio diversity. Flitting between down-tempo avant-garde hip-hop and electronica it's not going to be for everyone. However, those who like their music to come straight from leftfield will adore this piece of nostalgic existentialism.

Occasionally the mixing is disorientating -- particularly on track seven "Waste of Time," but unlike other disorientating records such as the Flaming Lips' album "Zaireeka" it leaves you in a state of relaxation rather than a queasy mess.

One could hardly describe "Don't Give It Up" as an accessible album, for a slightly easier to digest mélange, Mars Volta keyboardist Isaiah "Ikey" Owens's Free Moral Agents project is well worth checking out, with their similarly chilled out electronic hip-hop.

In crafting such a striking album, Serengeti and Polyphonic have shown that there is a softer side to the hip-hop field, a side that doesn't revolve exclusively around expensive rides, "hoes" and Cristal champagne. Furthermore, they put many a boring hip-hopper to shame with twelve incredibly refreshing tracks, during a time when literally thousands of artists within the genre do nothing more than recreate poorer versions of their predecessors work.

Stand out title track "Dont Give Up" houses some of Polyphonic's best minimalist beats, whilst Serengeti raps the contemplative sentiments: "My life doesn't have as many hoes / I've moved on / Me and my wife have a futon." Someone ring P. Diddy's new secretary, hip-hop just got refined.