Shapes Of Race Cars

(Self-Released 2007)Shapes Of Race Cars - Power

If Shapes Of Race Cars' debut full-length release, "Power," were, in fact, a race car it would be something with a sort of universal but endearing appearance that never goes too fast, opting instead to just cruise by and enjoy the scene. Perhaps Shapes Of Race Cars would be one of those new convertible VW Beetles or a hip Mini Cooper. In bright blue or red because "Power" is all about having a good time, cruising with the top down.

A mix of modern rock and old power pop favorites like Cheap Trick, Shapes Of Race Cars keep things light while still rocking out on tunes like "Apocalypse Hurts" and the album's title track, with its jumping rhythm. Amidst a clapping rhythm, the band blames Kraftwerk for "Saturday Night Fever" (low blow, guys) on "Kraftwerk (Invented The Disco Beat)" while the pounding of "Sound The Alarm," which features the song's title spelled out during the chorus, is pulse quickening and catchy. While no one could accuse Shapes Of Race Cars of taking themselves too seriously, they do remain a bit too loose with silly rhymes and even at one point drop an inexplicable "uh oh, sp'ghetti ohs" on "Angry Books."

Cute and catchy, Shapes Of Race Cars' aptly titled "Power" -- as in power pop -- is an easy listen that is not too serious nor is it too silly. But much of "Power" sails by without a second thought with the band keeping strictly to their bouncy pop rock sound and never challenging the listener. Taken as it is at face value, Shapes Of Race Cars' "Power" is power pop that might find its way into your stereo when you think no one else is listening.


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