Shark Speed
"Sea Sick Music"

(Self-Released 2009)Shark Speed - Sea Sick Music

It’s hard to hate Shark Speed. While that makes it sound as though I’m trying to hate the band, I assure you that’s not the case. The Utah quartet just exudes an air of amiability. What with smoothly melodic vocals from Thayne Fagg and steady instrumentation that is confident and never overdone, the band’s debut album “Sea Sick Music” is post-punk indie rock that hits the mark. But it also sets them, somewhat indistinguishably, in the middle of that genre’s crowded pack.

At times, Shark Speed are unsure of what they want to sound like. That uncertainty somewhat works in the band’s favor as they consistently vary their sound. Opening track “Cast Off Dance Off” is dreamy indie pop spiked with electronics, horns and posh crooning vocals. But on the next track, “I’m A Machine,” the band turn things up, edging more towards dance, and adopting a shouted, somewhat silly chorus of “wanna D.E.L.E.T.E.Y.O.U. from the hard drive of my mind.” It’s not until near the end of the album with “Man Of Sass” that Shark Speed really let themselves go a little bit, working the dynamics and tearing it up. Better late than never, right?

It’s easy to hear how the band more than do their part to woo the listener. Their success in that arena, however, is partial. Shark Speed has put themselves on the map with their debut “Sea Sick Music.” But while they may have won themselves a spot as a band to watch, it’s hard to love them, too. Shark Speed spends “Sea Sick Music” establishing the band, and rightfully so.


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