She, Sir
"Who Can't Say Yes"

(Self-Released 2006)She, Sir - Who Can\'t Say Yes

Straight from an indie hotbed of activity, aka Austin, Texas, the debut EP from She, Sir is a charming combination of shoegazer and minimalism where each instrument is part of a whole that is the music, each part perfectly fitting together like pieces in a complicated puzzle. Carefully layering those pieces for a multidimensional effect, "Who Can't Say Yes" swallows up and gently engulfs anything that gets in its way.

She, Sir work both ends of the spectrum as they progress through "Who Can't Say Yes." From soft pop to buzzing, energetic melodies and, of course, gentle tunes that slowly slip away. Light pop takes over for "I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes" as the soft and catchy "Prairie Burn" builds its instrumentation to completion. Drums crash and pound like the surf through the buzzing instrumentation as soft vocals bleed into the action on "The Clandestine." She, Sir offers an introspective moment on "It's My Way of Staying Connected" as the stark contrast of bass and drums lead into a gentle melody that is practically hidden amid all the action while on "Monarch," the twinkling melody rolls in and out for a dreamy and relaxed result.

Sometimes gentle and calm, other times fascinating and engaging, She, Sir's "Who Can't Say Yes" offers something that hints at shoegazer but, at the same time, is unmistakably different. She, Sir's debut will wash over you with an easy spirit that never tries to be something that it is not.