She Wants Revenge
"This Is Forever"

(Geffen Records 2007)She Wants Revenge - This Is Forever

Just when I was about to write Justin Warfield off as not being able to stick to any musical sound he goes and proves me wrong. The She Wants Revenge frontman has done time as an up-and-coming rapper (1992's "My Field Trip to Planet 9") and a psychedelic rocker (1995's "The Justin Warfield Supernaut") but neither persona seemed to live past one full-length release. Enter She Wants Revenge. The '80s sounding dark pop band returns from their self-titled debut with sophomore album "This Is Forever."

While many bands change and tweak their sounds between albums, often excluding old fans, She Wants Revenge fans need not fear. The band is picking up exactly where they left off -- literally. "You taste like tear stains and could have beens," Warfield sullenly observes on the dark and seductive "Written In Blood." The bouncing rhythm of "True Romance" is an infectious one that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Thumping bass takes the lead on "What I Want" while the softer melody of "She Will Always Be A Broken Girl" reminds of "Out of Control" off the band's debut.

For those with patience, She Wants Revenge's "This Is Forever" has its moments as Warfield's elaborate lyrics of broken relationships slowly reveal themselves to rhythms and melodies that will get hips swinging. While admittedly part of She Wants Revenge's attraction is their repetitive drum machine sound even that gets to be a bit too much as "This Is Forever" barely breaks any new ground without the same pulse quickening and catchy beats.


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