"The Shore"

(Maverick 2004)Shore - The Shore

The harmonies on The Shore's self-titled debut are a sweet guilty pleasure, blended just right to draw you in and set your heart a flutter. Clean and calculated, "The Shore" is full of easy rock songs for the listener who prefers their music a bit lighter.

The Shore's instrumentation swells lightly as strings become an integral accent on tracks like "Hard Road" and the piano led "Take What's Mine." Gently driving, "Firefly" has some kick but it also has an awkward Willy Wonka's "Pure Imagination" interlude that leaves you scratching your head. Turning to guitar rock, the hook on "Everything We Are" could, and should, have been brought out more as "It Ain't Right," with its Beach Boys style harmonies, lets the guitar step out for a moment. Meanwhile, "Hold On" floats as a gentle, melodic symphony and "Coming Down" starts as a fragile lullaby before building to a full chorus.

The Shore put some character and heart into their debut and manage to avoid most of the bumps in the road. While not offering a wide variety, "The Shore" is generally consistent with their ear pleasing melodies.


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