"The Sights"

(Scratchie/New Line Records 2005)Sights - The Sights

The Sights know how to rock with all the style and flare that the 70s gave to us. What is more, The Sights know when to put the hard rock to the side for a more tender and gentle moment. The band's self-titled third album is full of shrill organ bursts and countless rhythms to set your toes tapping as The Sights wind their way around your brain.

Preaching to the converted, The Sights' go for a gospel feel on "I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song" while organ and guitar take turns leading on full rock tracks like the catchy "Circus" and "Will I Be True?" The bouncy and feel good tone of "Backseat" pulls smooth vocal harmonies into the equation for a smart and bright result. Elsewhere, "Baby's Knocking Me Down" is as light as possible, floating on the spacey verses for an almost power ballad. But The Sights have more to show off than merely just tricks. The instrumentally driven "Last Chance" infuses a bluesy feel for a strong result. A long instrumental introduction leads into "Good Way To Die" as the band turn the song into organ driving slower number reminiscent of The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" before quickly sticking some upbeat rock on the end of the track.

With quite a few releases behind them, The Sights' self-titled album is just another resume builder, so to speak. Incredibly likable, The Sights pool all of their influences into their music for a familiar and comfortable sound. With twelve distinct tracks, The Sights' self-titled album is continually engaging and interesting.


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