Sigur Růs

(Geffen Records 2005)Sigur Růs - Takk

Sigur Rós never ceases to amaze. When you're in a band that can sing in its own native Icelandic tongue and still manage to have a respectable following by fans most of whom don't understand what it is that's being said, you know that you've done something momentous with your sound. On their last release from 2002, the album was simply titled "( )" as were all the songs. This time around on "Takk," Sigur Rós has gone back to titling their songs with words with an album that is in a unique hardback case. While not as bedazzling as their 1998 breakout "Ágætis Byrjun" or even "( )," "Takk" will still come off as ever so perplexing to the most seasoned of fans. On an album that is more piano driven than previous efforts, "Takk" has captured the chilly essence of their native Iceland more so than anything than they have ever done as Jon Thor Birgisson's sweet vocals pave the landscape.

"Glósóli" comes crashing in like furious ocean waves slamming against pillars as the impending enchantment leads up to the icy orchestrated serenade of "Hoppipolla". Spacey atmospheric numbers like "Sé Lest" segue into a Sgt. Peppers-esque marching band rhythm driven by a precise brass arrangements that leaves the listener vividly perplexed. "Saeglopur" has a warbling twinkle to it and the chillingly lush and haunting hollow resonance of "Gong" will render the listener breathless as does "Takk" in its entirety.


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