"Young Modern"

(Eleven Music/ILG 2007)Silverchair - Young Modern

Is Daniel Johns off his medication? Apparently it was not enough for the Australian trio to shock fans and critics alike by blowing away their grunge rock teenage image with 2002's power pop rock opus "Diorama." Now, five years later, the band has returned and they are continuing their work right where they left off. "Young Modern" is everything all at once as the album hops, skips and jumps around, relying heavily on the band's new formula of light melodies contrasted with heavy grit.

Channeling The Beach Boys and The Beatles for "Reflections Of A Sound," the band offer an ordinary ballad with some backbone while the AM pop of "Low" relies on a smooth melody. Abandoning most of their tricks, up tempo rock comes through on "Mind Reader" propelled by a gritty riff while also acting as a reminder that they have not completely lost their minds or their abilities. Silverchair go the most over the top with the loose and reckless fun of "If You Keep Losing Sleep" as the song dances between orchestral and rock 'n' roll while the melodic and rhythmic "The Man That Knew Too Much" shows off Johns' attitude.

Silverchair are schizophrenic on "Young Modern" as they continually push themselves and repeatedly risk it all. Sometimes they come out ahead but Silverchair will unquestionably send your head spinning as you try to make sense of it all. It is a complicated mix of lofty aspirations and overreaching for something unique that weakens "Young Modern." But, credit where credit is due, Silverchair do something different and what a wild ride it is.


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