Silversun Pickups

(Dangerbird Records 2005)Silversun Pickups - Pikul

Obviously inspired by alternative rock of days gone by, the Silversun Pickups' debut EP, "Pikul," brings together soft spoken vocals, like Kill Hannah's Mat Devine, with the controlled instrumental power of buzzing guitar riffs that hint at melodies and pop sensibilities. Although somewhat distant, the Silversun Pickups lure you in with their straight to the point music, devoid of flashy tricks or novelties.

A melody peeks through shyly on "Kissing Families," as the Silversun Pickups flex their muscles while the instrumentation builds up and down. Guitar riffs, buzzing and fuzzed out, set "Comeback Kid" churning with a likable edge. "Booksmart Devil" slows down and takes a softer approach as pounding percussion sets the tone and an unrushed guitar solo adds some flavor. Spacey psychedelics blend seamlessly with alternative rock on "The Fuzz," offering a welcome change in tone on "Pikul." Bassist and singer Nikki Monninger takes over on vocals for a more fragile feel on "Creation Lake," a more minimal moment just right to clear your head. With a deceptively low key start, "...All The Go Inbetweens" lets Silversun Pickups harness their musical energy as the song grows to completion over a delicate guitar melody and heavy drums.

Something seems to be missing from "Pikul." Silversun Pickups may not be revealing their whole hand just yet, choosing to save it instead for their impending full length debut. If "Pikul" is a restrained Silversun Pickups, it will be fascinating to see the band let loose. But if "Pikul" is a clear representation of Silversun Pickups, maybe some fine tuning is in order.


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