"The Situation"

(Elephant Stone Records 2006)Situation - The Situation

Three years after the release of their debut EP, The Situation has finally finished and released their first full-length album. The Philly band may have obvious Britpop influences but they showcase something more as smooth melodies drive the self-titled album. Thoughtful lyrics and memorable tunes, The Situation knows their strengths and certainly plays them up.

Melodies dance throughout The Situation's album as each of twelve tracks seem to have a mate on the album which compliments it. Bouncing riffs intertwine with delicate melodies on "Amoralia" and "Modern Dances" while retaining a lightness that is balanced out on soft and smooth tracks that float easily by, like "Pine Street" and the charming nostalgia of "Latchkey Kids." Vocalist and guitar player Christopher Tucker inflects some additional feeling by way of harmonica on "Black Cat Dice," with its stripped down instrumentation that still offers some aggression, and "Let It Go," as the song offers a poignant moment. The Situation delivers memorable moments with the stomping rhythm of "Pillbox Locket" before the band step out of the box with the quick moving "Cherry" that grabs your attention.

While the heyday of the mainstream Britpop movement may be long gone with the end of the 1990s, The Situation offer warm regards and pay tribute without getting too melancholy or repetitive. With the 2000s brings a new interpretation that includes so much more than just some guitar pop. The Situation's self-titled full-length is a well-rounded release that delivers in all respects and gives you something to hum along to while you think over the band's lyrics.


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