"Feature, Conference, Transfer"

(Fake Chapter Records 2005)Sixfifteens - Feature, Conference, Transfer

Talk about vigorous. Sixfifteens adeptly thrash and bash their instruments, producing a wall of melodic fuzz on their first full-length release, "Feature, Conference, Transfer." Using long noisy solos to their advantage, the Sixfifteens' songs might be driven by their tight instrumentation, but it is just as much about the force with which they deliver it. Guitarist and vocalist Bob Carlton undoubtedly needed some hot tea to soothe his throat after recording "Feature, Conference, Transfer" -- if only in his effort to be heard over the buzzing music.

Full and with an ironically upbeat sound, "Model Glue" alternately bounces and pounds while drums lead the serious instrumental barrages on the lighter feeling "Montreal" and "Tex Watson." Clear and straightforward for "Feature, Conference, Transfer," the Sixfifteens quickly change techniques as the overtly melodic introduction of "Transmission Is Static Free" lead to frenzied instrumental outbursts before the rapid-fire and undecipherable vocal delivery of "I'm A Shit." The crashing but still edgy melodies win, at least for the moment, becoming more of the focus on the cleaner "Whose Heart Do I Have?," "Everything Brand New" and the catchy "Xerox Machine" which skips along lightly. Quick, fast and dirty, "The Rapture" finishes things off on a high note.

Able to control their angst for most of "Feature, Conference, Transfer," the Sixfifteens release their demons in the form of clattering indie rock. While at the heart these ten tracks are melodic, the Sixfifteens pile so many layers atop that the melodies are not as obvious as they could be. It is those layers where the Sixfifteens add their style and flair, fiddling with their sound and changing up each track to remain consistent and still a little different.


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