(Tomlab 2008)Skeletons - Money

Skeletons opt to arm themselves on their album "Money" with all the typical weapons found in your average, run of the mill avant-garde arsenal. Included are such favorites as the chaotic mass of indistinguishable noise which crescendos quickly and drops off unexpectedly ("Booom! (Money!)"), the use of extraneous sound effects accompanied by the light plinking of piano ("Fill My Pockets Full"), and, of course, squirrelly horns crying out. Recorded in the winter of 2008 in a studio located in New York City's Times Square, the quartet are armed to the teeth but aren't overly casual when they do rely on their arsenal.

Much of "Money" features Skeletons playing around, moving the focus of the album in and out like a camera lens. "This house is dripping," the band cries out in unison, falsetto vocals over speedy and sharply succinct notes on the minute and a half long and relatively minimalist sounding "Dripper." When Skeletons do commit themselves to something a bit more substantial, and a bit more conservatively focused in terms of song structure, it comes off well without sacrificing too much. Take, for example, the indie jazz of "The Things," which is bright, bold and infectious, and the vaguely romantic sounds of "The Masks," which is a melodically driven ballad.

If you have the patience and the willingness to devote to it, Skeletons are ready to take you on quite a trip with "Money." But once that trip is over, you won't be sure where you went, where you have ended up, what happened or, more importantly, if you even enjoyed whatever happened.


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