"One Cheap Ass CD"

(Self-Released 2002)Slidepiece - One Cheap Ass CD

What can you say about a band that opens their album with someone saying the band sucks? If anything, it sets the stage for Slidepiece's "One Cheap Ass CD," letting you know this isn't going to be an album of emotional, thought-provoking songs. Of course, it's easy to deduce that with track titles like "A Man and His Bong," "Wasted," and "Fucked Up Deal." But who said a band has to change the world with one release? Slidepiece doesn't make any apologies for it and that makes the album of punk songs entertaining without being overly serious.

"School's In Session" with strong drumming that continues throughout the album, serves as a good backbone for the guitar and bass melody that drives the song. The vocals, which are quite good, briefly end during a break in the song. The break serves for slightly awkward rhythm changes and a simple guitar solo. "Thought I Could Do Better," opening slow and picking up speed is catchy, due to its repetitive structure and, like the previous song, has a good melody. The song's vocals, however, sound muddled. Did I mention Slidepiece has a sense of humor? Slidepiece uses the 4th track, "A Man and His Bong," for some bong sound effects followed by "Good stuff?" "The best." Whether they mean the drugs or the music is irrelevant as the next song, "Wasted" quickly starts. While sounding similar to "Thought I Could Do Better," "Wasted" seems more vocally driven than previous songs and even offers sing-along lines with "I don't want to deal with it/I don't want to hear your shit/I just want to get fucking wasted." Despite the return of the muddled vocals, "Fucked Up Deal" is one of the better songs instrumentally, put together with better changes between rhythms and a better guitar solo that shows potential. The song has an OK hook as it enters the chorus and then proceeds with the inspiring lyrics "fuck that shit/it's a fucked up deal/God don't let me die." "The Way It Goes" with a racing rhythm has an excellent opening and with the strength of the instruments, it makes it a stand out track on the album. An ode of some sort to the television show of the same name, "The Price Is Right," offers the most audible vocals on the album and yet another good rhythm as you wonder how many times the band watched the show before they realized they had to have a line about spaying and neutering in the song. The closing spoken audio track"¦isn't even really worth mentioning.

"One Cheap Ass CD" is made up of six decent songs with great rhythms that will get your head bobbing along and are just catchy enough that you might get one or two stuck in your head. While the vocals could use to be clearer and more consistent, it doesn't hurt the overall album too much. Slidepiece seems to come off as that band you'd see play at a house party and then share a keg and/or bong with. As their card says, they're just "a fun punk band without any particular message!" Taking the whole picture into consideration, Slidepiece are getting off on the right foot; with a little fine-tuning, house parties may end up being only a fond memory. Besides, you know it's punk if they need to learn a fourth chord, right?


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