"3-Song EP"

(Death by Solvi Music 2002)

With a design on the cover of their EP that seems to be a combination of Queens of the Stone Age's sperm logo and A Perfect Circle's divided circle logo, Solvi already provoke certain ideas as to what they will, or will not, sound like. But Solvi's sound, which leans towards heavy with screaming vocals on certain occasions, makes you forget those early comparisons. Comparisons, which, frankly, have nothing to do with the sound of Solvi or their three song EP but give you an idea of what you can expect. This will not be pop.

Opening the EP with their heavy metal/nu-metal sound, "Burn Me in Effigy" has considerably strong instrumentation and a melody hidden beneath the heaviness that comes out after a few listens. "Tree," which begins simply and somewhat boringly with screaming over the instrumentation, has different movements to the song between choruses, making it more interesting to listen to. The song's vocals, which are mimicked by the guitar line, show a bit more range than the previous song by playing with dynamics and showing more emotion. Entering hard with aggressiveness, "Knuckleduster" is full force with a non-specific vocal line that seems to waiver a bit with each verse.

While the tracks on the EP are limited, Solvi showcase their songs well. While some of their vocals over repeated riff can get boring fast, once through those portions, Solvi seem to keep things interesting with both instrumentation and vocals. Although clichéd and unoriginal at times, Solvi's EP is anything but painful to listen to and will probably appeal to a radio friendly crowd.


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