So They Say
"Life In Surveillance"

(Fearless Records 2007)So They Say - Life In Surveillance

With a self described "new sound," St. Louis band So They Say seem to have thrown everything into their sophomore album "Life In Surveillance." Maybe the direction of their resulting sound has to do with the fact that the Warped Tour alums ditched their debut's producer, Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco), in favor of Matt Hyde (Sum 41, Slayer). Instrumentation practically swallows up "Life In Surveillance" as So They Say vigorously interpret metal.

Aside from "Nuclear Sunrise," a modern metal track infused with an Indian raga, So They Say steers clear of traditional melodies on "Life In Surveillance." Instead, they balance a relatively softer sound with soaring, aggressive metal instrumentation while never mincing words or keeping their opinions to themselves. "Just Forget My Name" flies on the chorus while quick moving, succinct verses cut things up. Instrumentation machine guns, thundering aggressively, on tracks like "A Defeated Accomplishment" and "You're Welcome."

For sheer energy and enthusiasm, So They Say make "Life In Surveillance" an album that makes you wonder what the live show is like and if it can live up to the expectations that the album and your mind create. The album see-saws up and down, left and right as the dynamics constantly continue moving. Big, loud and in your face, So They Say force their music at you and, with so much always happening, it is difficult to wrap your head around it. Even after several listens, "Life In Surveillance" still begs to be toned down.


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