"Dying To Say This To You"

(Scratchie/New Line Records 2006)Sounds - Dying To Say This To You

Swedish hipsters The Sounds are ready to release their second album. Entitled "Dying To Say This To You," the album is a clean sounding mix of rock meets electronic with smooth synth carrying lilting melodies as guitar-led instrumentation thrashes along. With enough pumping rhythms to get you moving, The Sounds somehow manage to reserve some rock in their electronic sound, a fact that is probably due to singer Maja Ivarsson's insistent and full vocals that break roughly on occasion as she abandons restraint.

From the first moments of "Dying To Say This To You," The Sounds firmly take control and pull you in with solid numbers that dabble in catchy melodies like "Song With A Mission," "Queen Of Apology" and "Painted By Numbers" while elsewhere on "Tony The Beat," synth beats twinkle and bubble up as the percussion pounds and pumps heavily. The Sounds come across slightly sappy with the poppy love song "24 Hours" as it quickly and easily bounces along. The piano-driven ballad "Night After Night" shows a completely different side of The Sounds, one that is more emotional with real instrumental development and a less party hardy mentality. The Sounds devote the second half of the album more fully to their electro punk sound as pounding beats make "Don't Want To Hurt You" into an 80s flashback while the thumping and aggressive "Much Too Long Now" takes control.

With Sweden a hotbed of rocking activity these days, The Sounds certainly have no fears of being forgotten. "Dying To Say This To You" is aggressive and infectious but still reserves its quiet moments for smooth and well focused songs that are just as endearing.


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