Souvenir's Young America
"Souvenir's Young America"

(Self-Released 2004)Souvenir\'s Young America - Souvenir\'s Young America

Acting as their demo, a three-track self-titled recording from Souvenir's Young America gives you an idea of what to expect from this band. With only instrumentals on the recording, Souvenir's Young America has to relay all of the emotion and feeling of their songs through their instruments. The pair -- made up of Jonathan Lee on keyboards and "noise" and Ken Rayher playing guitars and working the drum machine -- let few smiles break their solemn attitude as Souvenir's Young America envision electronic instrumentals with heavy, serious sounds.

The unlikely melody of "Tomorrow Is Never" slowly swells up as the drum machine ticks and crashes, gently building its momentum for just over seven minutes for an interesting but uneventful result. Softly shimmering, the melody finds its way through smooth instrumentation on "Less Than Leviathan" before the song tires of being passive and asserts itself and sets to pounding away at the music. Gently droning, Souvenir's Young America start with a low booming on "Make Love Like Heros (Make Life Like Lovers)," adding rich, crisp piano into the equation.

Souvenir's Young America stay focused for the entirety of their demo recording. So focused, in fact, that the band rarely strays far from their original sound and structure. But the extremely consistent sound lends to some tediousness, making Souvenir's Young America more like background music hoping you will notice it. Souvenir's Young America seem unsure of themselves; are they a lightly droning instrumental band or one where soft melodies are the main course? Regardless, Souvenir's Young America sample from both on their self-titled demo.