Star Fucking Hipsters
"Never Rest In Peace"

(Alternative Tentacles Records 2009)Star Fucking Hipsters - Never Rest In Peace

On the one hand, you could say that the Star Fucking Hipsters don’t know what they want to sound like on their sophomore album, “Never Rest In Peace.” During the course of the album, the band’s sound varies from track to track: melodic and poppy punk, raging ska, brutal metal. On the other hand, you could also say that the band is simply being true to themselves. Led by Sturg “Stza” Crack (Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim) the band's members have quite a diverse range of experience in the alternative scenes.

Star Fucking Hipsters tackle a range of social and political issues on “Never Rest In Peace” and they do so head on. Opening track “3000 Miles Away” might sound sweet thanks to vocalist Nico de Gallo but she’s actually sticking it to the government while the quick-moving reggae/ska call to arms of “The Civilization Show” jumps out as startlingly different than the rest of the tracks on the album. The “Dreams Are Dead” is a slow, noisy free-fall like Jane’s Addiction’s “Mountain Song” while the squealing metal guitar riffs of “S.F.H. Theme” help to build the intensity as they announce that “tortured death is the new disease.”

Musically, the contrast of hard and soft that plays throughout “Never Rest In Peace” keeps things interesting. As does the band’s genre jumping sound. Star Fucking Hipsters’ “Never Rest In Peace” is hard-hitting both musically and lyrically. There seems to be little (or nothing at all) holding the band back as they assault the listener. But while the band isn’t declaring war against the listener, they aren’t exactly declaring peace, either.


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